Cycling Equipment You Simply Can’t Cycle Without


Anyone can ride a bike, but not everyone is cut out for cycling. Cycling is much more than simply jumping on a bike and pedalling around town. It takes skill, determination and proper cycle gear. It’s not just a means of transportation, but also a passion, hobby, sport and a possible career choice for those who really take the solo lead.

But before that, you need to first strap yourself up with some crucial cycle gear. While the list of equipment is vast, with many options being desirable luxury parts or upgraded options for your steed, there are some pieces of cycle gear you simply can’t start cycling without. And as always, Alex’s Cycle has you covered!



Safety First, Folks

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Take a look at any cyclist from across the globe, and they'll be wearing helmet because it's the most important piece of cycle gear is the  When traveling at high speeds and sharing the road with other cyclists and/or motor vehicles, it’s crucial to always put your safety first. Helmets aren’t 100% foolproof but they have been shown to significantly decrease the risk of injury, and intensity of injuries. So before anything else, grab yourself a helmet.

However, with such a wide range of helmet styles available, it can be hard to find the one that you need. Generally, the type of helmet is broken down for the purpose of cycling. If you’re racing time trials, you’ll want an aerodynamic cycling helmet; if you’re simply a cycling hobbyist, a regular bike helmet will do just find. So, think about your requirements and then shop the cycling helmet section at Alex’s Cycle and find one that appeals to you.



Keep Your Body Hydrated

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To gain the speed you’re looking for as an avid cyclist, you’ll have to put in a lot of work, and with that comes a lot of sweat. Hydration is crucial for your overall health, fitness and performance levels and safety. Since maintaining healthy body fluid levels is so important, most bicycles come with a cage for a water bottle. However, not all bikes are equipped with this essential, and not all bottle cages are created equally either, so you may want to invest in a higher quality one. The good news is that most are universal and can be fitted to whatever bike you have. Either way, whatever you do, wherever you’re cycling, never start the race without a water bottle and cage.



Quality Cycling Starts with Cycling Shoes

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Shoes may not seem like an essential portion of cycle gear, but they certainly are. In fact, wearing cycling shoes can make your pedalling much more efficient, as you can pull your pedal on the upstroke instead of your foot simply following the speed around the gear. Like all cycle gear, there are also several different styles and options to choose from, such as recessed cleats, SPD cycling shoes and much more. So again, think about your cycling desires and choose a pair of shoes that suits your needs. But don’t forget, your cycling shoes need to coincide with your pedals. For example, if you have cleats, you certainly don’t want cycle pedals that will get your foot “stuck”.


Cycling Apparel

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At first, you may not think clothing is an essential to cycling – but this is only half true. You don’t necessarily need aerodynamic cycle gear if you aren’t cycling competitively. In this case, you could basically wear whatever type of clothing you desire – within reason. We say "within reason" because you still need to place some sort of importance on your cycle clothing even if you're a hobbyist because with all that pedalling, the last thing you want is a pant leg getting stuck in the gears. This could result in you  flipping over handlebars, and that’s never fun.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid cycler, competitively or not, you do want to purchase some specific cycle clothing to ensure the speed you want, and the quality you desire. Although cycle clothing may seem unimportant, avoiding it altogether will quickly show you just how crucial it is to dress properly. 


So, start shopping and get cycling! Alex’s Cycle has everything you need and we ship worldwide to ensure every cyclist out there, whether their new to the sport or a professional can get the quality cycle gear they need to take the solo lead. 





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