The Five Real Legends of Cycling


Cycling certainly has its twist and turns. It’s far from being just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, and the world has produced some seriously incredibly cyclists over the years. With several accomplishments, controversies and even obstacles, there are some legends of the sport that will forever be the faces of cycling.  So strap on your helmet because these legends on cycling are about to take you on a ride of a lifetime.



The Controversial Lance Armstrong

It seems only fair to start this post off with inarguably one of the most famous cyclists of all time, Lance Armstrong. It was only recently that his story became one of the most controversial of all time. So, let’s start off with the good stuff. During his career, Lance did some amazing stuff on his bike’ most notably, seven Tour de France victories. Although he had some dirty tactics during his racing days, this was quite common during that time. However, it was when doping allegations were brought upon him that the cyclists’ fame came crashing down, banning him from participating in sporting events. Mind you, it’s crucial to mention that the investigation was eventually dropped. In many people’s minds, Lance Armstrong is still a hero within the sport and around the world. His popular cancer foundation has put him on a pedestal far different from the ones he’s used to.


The Cannibal, Eddy Merckx

With a nickname like “The Cannibal,” there’s no denying that Eddy Merckx has made his mark within the cycling industry. In fact, this Belgian cyclist is often noted for being the best cyclist of all time. He has won upwards of 500 times during his career, including five Tour de France victories, five Giro d’Italia wins and one Vuelta a España defeat. He’s also held the record for biking the furthest on a velodrome in one hour, and has many other major accomplishments under his biking skinsuit. Needless to say, this guy is a serious cycling cannibal.


History’s Hero, Fausto Coppi

Cycling produced some incredible legends long before the current times, and Fausto Coppi was certainly one of them. This Italian cyclist was dominating the sport well before World War 2, and didn’t stop there. Fausto Coppi won it all, from grands tours to world championships, five Giro accomplishments and even held cycling records for more than a century. His cycling success eventually lead to him being titled the Il Campionissimo, which basically dubs him as the champion of champions – and that, he certainly is.


The Lion King, Mario Cipollini

Another astonishing cyclist legend is often called the Lion King of Italy. Mario Cipollini is highly noted for being one of the greatest sprinters of all times, and with plenty of wins to prove it. He’s completed 42 stages in the Giro, and twelve stages of the Tour de France, with a World’s win to boot. He may not have completed the tours fully, but he always found a way to make his mark, whether it was with his unique cycling skinsuits and long, flowing flock of hair. What a way to entertain your opponents as you zip past them!


The Badger, Bernard Hinault

When you first hear, “The Badger,” you probably don’t think of the fastest animal, but Bernard Hinault would have proven you wrong. This France cyclist accomplished five Tour de France victories, 28 stage wins in the Giro, and 2 wins in Vuelta. Needless to say, he was a badger that made his opponents have a very bad day. Bernard overcame some serious obstacles – quite literally, many of which other cyclists were unruly of, which only further proved his legendary status.



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